Regardless of your particular preference in colour and styling, Sheridan Interiors will work with you to create a suitable colour scheme and product selections to suit your tastes and lifestyle while being mindful of the homes architectural design and your budget.


This service is ideal for anyone who is building a new home, renovating &/or extending or are owner builders undertaking their own home project and have preliminary plans and elevations. This consultation is very thorough and will ensure all the items and colours that need to be selected are well considered and documented for everyone involved in the project to refer to. 

This appointment includes a maximum of 2 location stops to see colours & products as necessary within the appointment duration time. 

All the selection documentation and plan markups are sent to the clients and to their builder/contractor to begin the building process. 

What can be covered in detail (if applicable to the project): 

  • Preliminary Plan Overview and suggestions of any alterations
  • All Exterior and Interior Paint and Product selections
  • Garage Door colour and style
  • Paving/Aggregate
  • Bench and Cabinetry colours, finishes and design concept
  • Tile selections and layouts
  • Doors, door handles and Internal Cornices & moulding details
  • Mirrors and Shower screen frames
  • Plumbing Fittings and Fixtures (if carpets and main floor are included in the Builders Specifications contract then this will also be included)

Appointment duration 1x 5-6 hour meeting also includes the below extra documentation completed:

  • Selection Document with colour and product details for client & builder
  • Hand sketched perspective drawings of cabinetry and wet area layout for those who find it hard to visualise a space
  • Elevation & plan highlights & markups to colour positions and notes for builder Paint Samples posted after appointment
  • Followup email or phone conversation if required – up to 1hr included after meeting

Please get in touch on the contact page if this service suits your requirements and to consider which timeframe you require.


If you require some specific advice via email or skype OR at one location such as your home or at a showroom then this service will suit you. 

Sheridan Interiors can offer advise on some or all of the below points depending on your circumstances. 

What can this include: 

  • Interior and/or Exterior schemes or materials 
  • Preliminary Plan Overview and suggestions 
  • Window covering advise 
  • Cabinetry design discussion and materials 
  • Tile selection consultation 
  • Doors, door handles and Internal Cornices & moulding details 
  • Main Flooring and Carpet advise 
  • Plumbing Fittings and Fixtures 

Appointment Duration- 2-3 hours (be aware this is not sufficient for a major renovation project or full home build).

A minimum of two hours will be charged, even if the appointment runs under this time. 

Any extra time required after the meeting for sourcing, designing, documentation for work on the project will be charged at hourly rate.

Please get in touch on the contact page if this service suits your requirements and to discuss your project.


Sheridan Interiors can work with clients to understand their requirements and budget to design any custom cabinetry required for the home.

Working with clients to understand their requirements and budget, a design will be created and selection for the most suitable bench, cabinetry colours and fittings. Sheridan Interiors will ensure the cabinetry design allows for adequate storage and that finishes and the overall style of the kitchen works cohesively with the other fixed colours and style of the home.

Customised design of : 

  • Kitchens
  • Scullerys
  • Bars
  • Bathroom, Powder and Ensuite Vanities
  • Custom Shelving
  • TV Units
  • Window Bench Seats

Each appointment will have the cabinetry design hand drawn to capture the details needed. These drawings can be given to your builder/ cabinet maker if they are to supply working drawings for you.

Otherwise, Sheridan Interiors can create the computerised working drawings and 3D coloured perspective views of your cabinetry for you to see clearly what the cabinetry will be before taking to cabinet maker to quote. There will be a separate fee quoted for these drawings.

Contact Sheridan Interiors for a chat about your requirements for cabinetry design. 


Sheridan Interiors are passionate with working alongside their clients to create a practical, comfortable and inviting home to suit the family.
Sheridan Interiors ensures to understand the family very well and the lifestyles they lead. Its important that the style of the home suits those who live there so discovering how the family or couple live, what their interests are and their lifestyle so the best pieces can reflect these personal characteristics and requirements for how the spaces will be used.

Choosing special ways to decorate that evokes a feeling of nostalgia, such as old furniture pieces or trinkets and memorable photos. Adding some natural materials, a soft nature inspired scheme that is off-set with contrasting deep tones or crisp fresh whites creates a calming, safe, inspiring or uplifting environment to suit the use of the space and wishes of the family.

Sheridan Interiors ensures quality key furniture items are selected as these need to be durable and treated as an investment that ticks the box for quality and also is a beautifully timeless piece that transcends the years. Artwork and styling pieces should suit the colour scheme and also importantly the personal tastes of the clients themselves.

If you are nodding at all the above and are feeling just a little excited then please reach out to Sheridan Interiors to discuss your home decorating project further.

There are two options for styling packages that may suit your specific requirements best and both have a complimentary 20min phone conversation to discuss your project and wishes.
  • E-Moodboard that will have itemised items, prices and supplier for yourself to purchase and style the room 
  • Delivery costs itemised separately if you wish for items from a supplier to be delivered 
  • Details of where each item needs to be placed 
  • Any items that are from a wholesaler would need to be arranged for purchase through Sheridan Interiors and your contact details would be given to the supplier for delivery
  • 1x E- moodboard of furniture and homeware selection for the room/s included in the project will be provided for client
  • Quotation with a breakdown of costs for the furniture & homeware items & and any trades required for the project will be provided for the client
  • The E-moodboard and Quotation will need to be approved and signed off on before progressing with ordering
  • If required, Sheridan Interiors can go with clients to 1-2x furniture showrooms located in Perth to allow clients to sit, touch and get a feel for the furniture
    Sheridan Interiors can source and manage the entire project from ordering the items through retailers and wholesalers, arranging deliveries, organising any trades/ window coverings and styling each room.

Contact Sheridan Interiors for a chat about decorating your home.